Marilyn Monroe was a Wise Celebrity

Marilyn Monroe was the most popular celebrity of 1950-1960 era with numerous super hit movies to her credit. Since Marilyn Monroe was a gorgeous lady so she was loved by many people and she had extensive love experience. Read Marilyn Monroe love quotes and you will see a new and real angle of love. This is because Marilyn Monroe experienced some tough experiences about love in her life.
She was a prettiest celebrity of her time and an open minded lady who considered love as a natural instinct. Whether she got true love in her life or not but she surely had a wonderful sex life.

Marilyn Monroe was a very wise lady and all this wisdom came to her with better life experiences. If you read Marilyn Monroe quotes you will come to know several new angles of life. Since Marilyn Monroe passed a very tough childhood time so she easily explained the true side of the life.
Since she had all the practical experience about life so her acting also demonstrated the truth in it. This does impressed the people a lot because she brought reality of life in her acting that made her quite different from other celebrities.

You will bear me out that if you watch movies that are quite close to the reality of life, you will be impressed more and it will also have long lasting impression on you. Same was the case about Marilyn Monroe movies that they were so close to the real life that made her the top actress of her time.

Hundreds if not thousands celebrities came to the lime light but very few gained such popularity as Marilyn Monroe. She was thee lady who had number of qualities gathered in her personality. The most important requisite for a celebrity is beauty and she was gifted with superb beauty and sex appeal.