Gold is The Lovable Things For Ladies

Every lady wants to look beautiful and to achieve this purpose she uses every possible mean to decorate herself. Gold jewellery is one of the commodity that is loved the most by the ladies.

Though due to increased gold rates in Pakistan it is getting difficult for the middle and lower class ladies to buy gold jewellery for decorating themselves. So most of them are using imitation jewellery instead of real gold.

History of using gold jewellery is quite old and there are different myths and facts about it. One of the such tale is that primitive men used iron chains to tie their ladies feet and hands to stop them from going out. Other myth is that iron bangles were used to tell people about ownership of the ladies.

Such tales keep on circulating in our society. So as the time passed and people started getting wiser such iron bangles were replaced with gold bangles etc. whatever the myth and facts are gold is used as a decorative jewellery and is the weakness of almost all the ladies of the world. It is heavily used on wedding day when ladies try to look at their best.

Gold jewellery in Pakistan and other Asian countries has become a sort of status symbol and that is why people who can afford donot care about gold prices. What ever the gold rates are rich ladies will keep on buying gold jewellery. Rising prices of gold have definitely affected ladies of other part of the world also.

Gold is a precious commodity and is gathered after great effort and hard work. After which it is melted, purified and made ready to convert into beautiful jewellery that is loved by ladies. These days gold jewellery is favorite of dacoits because they very easily snatch gold belongings from ladies and carry it away much easily. Many ladies across the globe are deprived of their gold belongings daily.

Whatever the case maybe gold will remain a lovable thing for all ladies.