Calculators Added to

Following very useful and handy calculator have been added to You can make use of them in your daily life. Since all the calculators are in JavaScript so you need to have a JavaScript enabled browser to use them effectively. Good luck

Loan Calculator
Percentage Calculator
Scientific Calculator
Calories Burned Calculator
Length Converter

Friendship Quotes Added to

No body can live without friends, since man is a social animal so he always need someone to talk with and collaborate. There are lot of things which a person cannot share with his family so friends are considered as best to share such things. That is why friendship quotes are read often and wisdom is gained trough them.
Keeping in view the demand and searches we have specially added a section about friendship wisdom words for the website visitors to gain motivational wisdom and inspiration from the golden words said by some great people of the world. If you cannot understand English then you may opt for quotes in Urdu here so that you can get the message correctly.

Learn About Adjectives

Adjective is an important part of speech and must in learning grammar.Without proper usage of adjectives your written and spoken English will never improve. Since it adds something to the meaning of the noun or the verb so while writing and speaking you often use verbs and nouns. Therefore your sentence can never be complete without using adjective properly.
In addition to the adjective you need to know a lot about other parts of speech so you can use a very good resource of learning grammar here

Tasty Pakistani Recipes

After eid everybody must be enjoying tasty and delicious foods and almost every  house must be having their refrigerators filled with beef and mutton. Now it is the task of the ladies to prepare tasty dishes for their family. Winter season has approached so people like kababs and ladies are searching for tasty shami kabab recipes and seekh kabab recipes to entertain their guests and family members.
Such tasty dishes are not only healthy and make a very energetic food for men and children. Since meat is full of calories and contains plenty of protein so it can considered very healthy food.
I hope and wish that everybody get lot of meat for cooking and the poor people who cannot afford meat in normal days get enouh of it during eid season.