SEO of Qasim Builders

SEO of Qasim Builders website has been carried out successfully but there were 3 problems:

1. It was started quite late.
2. URL structure was changed after carrying out so much work on it so all the efforts gone wasted
3. Webmaster was not fully cooperative, the title tag remained in pathetic condition totally not in line with SEO practices and then finally meta description tag was removed by disabling the SEO plugin which gave a big below to our efforts.

The main keywords for the website were:

1. Bahria Town
2. Bahria Property
3. Property in Bahria Town
4. Plot for sale in Bahria Town
5. DHA Property

Different posts were created for the said keywords and posted to different web 2.0 sites to fetch contextual links for the said website. In addition to this profile links and naked links were also created to increase the domain and page authority of the clients website.
Today on Friday 15 May fresh start is taken again after removing all the flaws in the website and SEO work.

Following URLs are submitted to Google and other search engines for indexing:


It should be remembered that SEO is a slow process and we cannot rush on the keywords otherwise things may go wrong. So you have to be patient enough and then expect some solid good results from the efforts of the SEO team.  I have full confidence on our SEO services in Rawalpindi that we will reach our target soon. Good luck to my team

Tragic Incident of Karachi

A very tragic incident took place in Karachi where about 45 people of Ismaeli baradri were shot dead by terrorists. Army chief was quick to respond and cancelled his Sri Lanka's visit and reached Karachi at once. The so called pm remained busy in a useless conference and then working lunch. He was asked by Arif Alvi to accompany him to Karachi but he remained busy.
After sometimes somebody advised him that he also must go there because Army chief is there so following his footsteps he also went there. However before he reached Karachi important high level meeting has been conducted by army and took all the important decisions that were required.

Launch of Business Website

Business website BizMan has been launched for advertising your small business online. For the time being all the local businesses in Islamabad are added in the directory and soon other major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Sialkot, Multan and Peshawar etc will find their place in the directory.

In addition to this comprehensive business knowledge resource has been added for the information of entrepreneurs to make their business successful. Advertising your business is very important aspect of business success and if your interested in online advertising your business then this website can be very useful for you to reach your potential clients.