Does Love Happens at First Sight

You must have heard about love at first sight that means you start loving a person the first time you see him or her. But before discussing this topic it will be better if you go through some love quotes for him to understand the meaning of love in the words of famous and wise people. Love at first sight is mostly restricted to liking somebody’s’ features and personality. What more can you expect at first sight?

You don’t know the person well but you have judged him from his features and general appearance. It is only my personal opinion that love at first sight is a shallow love and in most of the cases it diminishes with time.

Imagine if you love a lady on the basis of her features, curvy sexy body and as the time passes the lady starts aging. This will of course affect her beauty and her curvy sexy body will get out of shape. She started gaining weight and all her beauty and attractiveness has flown away. So if your love is based only on facial beauty etc then it has no strong footing for a longer period.

It is rightly said that love is beyond your control and it can happen anytime. However you must give your love sufficient time to mature so that it takes the deep roots. If you pass the pain and discomfort time successfully then it will be a true and long lasting love.

In most of the cases true love doesn’t happens only at first sight. It takes time to mature and if you read quotes about friendship it is very clearly defined by wise men that it is fully rationale. That is why it stays for ever and both parties remain attached with each other comfortable.

True love doesn’t depend only on the physical beauty but it requires much more than that. Yes love at first sight mostly happens in movies and immature minds pick the concept from there. However actually deep true love needs time and patience to mature fully.

When Love Gets Mature?