Something About Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry is the collection of beautifully thought out verses which are known as “shehar” in Urdu language. Each verse has its own meaning and contains a definite idea in it. These verses are then combined together and form into a full poem. This poem is known as “ghazal” in Urdu language.

Urdu poetry contains such beautiful ghazals that you often get amazed on the thoughts of the writers. The writers of the Urdu Poetry are known as poets and “shaiyar” in Urdu. Every shaiyar uses his pen name known as “takhalus” at the end of the poem preferably in the last verse.There are different types and forms of Urdu Poetry and most of the poets are famous for one type or the other. Some of the popular formats are ghazal, nazam, mersia, rubai, qitah etc. the verses of the poetry depends on the mood of the poet and can be transformed into many types as romantic Urdu poetry, love shayari, sad poetry, friendship poetry and love poetry etc.

The people who are fond of shayari are seen searching for books of Urdu Poetry in libraries, bookshops and even in old book stores. In different parts of the country Urdu Poetry lovers gather and share their fresh poetry with each other. At such occasions some famous poets are also called and one out of them is selected as chief guest of the function. Such poetry functions are called “mushaiyara” in Urdu language.
Urdu poetry not only consists of Urdu words but it also gets certain words from Arabic and Persian languages to. Top and famous poets are all well versed with these two sister languages of Urdu also. Allama Iqbal who is the most famous poet of the time and is also the national poet of Pakistan has written several poems in Persian language.

Similarly Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir, Shouq, Zoaq and many others use Persian and Arabic in their poetry. Most famous and liked poets of the present time are Perveen Shakir, Ahmed Fraz, Wasi Shah and Noshi Gilani etc.

Urdu poetry contains such beautiful verses that often tears come out of one’s eyes. They have such a depth and contain so deep meaning that it is really very heart touching.