How to Earn Money from Your Squidoo Lens

Squidoo lens can of course give you lot of money if you have poured some good effort while creating it. Though you can derive lot of other benefits from your squidoo lens like traffic and SEO etc, however in addition to this your squidoo lens can also prove to be a money making machine for you.

When your lens is published and featured you will see a nice placement of Google adsense revenue sharing in it. You can opt for adsense revenue sharing with Squidoo. So if somebody clicks on these ads you will share the advertising revenue with squidoo.

Since Squidoo lenses get indexed quickly by Google so the chances of getting large traffic are very high. And you know high traffic means more clicks on ads resulting into high revenue.

Well this depends lot more on quality of your lens. If you are expert at creating a high quality lens then your earning potential can be high. If not then you get help of Squidoo Lens Creation Service to get a very high quality squidoo lens. Remember good lens always pays for itself in long run.
Another way to earn from your squidoo lens is to make use of Amazon module. This module displays related books according from Amazon, the affiliate commission will be split between you and squidoo. This is another way of earning good money from your squidoo lens.

An indirect way of earning money from Squidoo lens is to get traffic to your main money site. This is only possible if your lens is of super quality and people desire to visit your website to get more information on the subject. If you can afford to have your own web hosting then try to make your own blog instead of using it.
If you are selling some affiliate product then you can easily embed your affiliate links in your squidoo lens. People interested in your products well surely click on you affiliate links thus making you money. For better squidoo lens creation visit ApexDigitalz

If you want to know some SEO benefits of your squidoo for your site then read SEO benefits of squidoo lens by Ejaz Alam on his personal blog.