Is Herbal Medicine Better Than Organic?

There has always been a long debate between people whether herbal medicine is better or organic one. The main difference between the two is that in herbal medicines all natural ingredients are used. If you compare Qarshi Shahi capsules with imported medicines like Vimax or Hammer of thor then you can find better results with herbal medicines that are locally made. The reason is that natural herbs are much better than the chemicals used in the organic medicines.
Herbal medicines have no side effects because all the herbs used are made of natural ingredients. whereas the organic medicines have lot of dangerous elements that can cause more harm than benefiting anybody. so if you have the option to use natural herbal medicines then go for them. Try to avoid the so called imported medicines that are not confirmed to be original or not. Men who some ejaculation problem may use delay spray to prolong their timing and by this they can avoid the embarrassment that they have in the bed.
Remember it is your health and you have to take care of it, never follow what the online medicine companies advertise. Some people are very fond to buy Vimax in Pakistan and get the product easily but they also like to use locally made products instead of the imported ones. As they promise overnight results that attract several people. Then they are also not authorized to sell them online. One of my friend ordered an organic medicine online and then after using it is still repenting because it has caused lot of harm to his other organs.