Online Shopping Trend in Karachi

Karachi is the largest and most populated city of Pakistan, and the inhabitants are of different class from rest of the country. When you go to Karachi from other cities of the country, you will feel that you have entered in to a new world.
No doubt it is an international city, business  opportunities are endless. There are several international companies operating from there. Due to the increased population the trend in online shopping is increasing because people avoid entering in to crowded markets, so they prefer online shopping from the comfort of their home or office.
This stands correct for online men's products because they are cautious of their privacy so instead of buying health products physically from shops they order them online like Vimax in Karachi is very popular and hundreds of men order it online to have better intimate moments. Though it is a very hot product through out the country but because the population of Karachi is very high so the demand is also very high.
If we compare the online shopping trend of other cities with Karachi then we will find that it is standing at number one from very beginning. The only reason is the population, because it is the most densely populated city of the country.