PakGenius Management Announced

PakGenius is a website that is launched with an aim to provide best and useful content to the visitors and unleash the genius that is present in everybody. so that they can make better life decisions basing on the knowledge about life matters. Under the supervision of the Patron-in-Chief Bawa Amir Alam the site is making decent progress and the morale of the management is high.  As you know that it takes lot of time and efforts to build a solid reputation of an online portal but we are sure that with the patronage and prayers of the patron we will soon achieve our objectives.

The site is developing its foothold in the online world because of concerted efforts of the young managing director Khudadad Alam, who regularly add to the power and authority of the website. One weak part of the website is the editor-in-chief who doesn't provide the content on regular basis.

We all know that the moment he got serious the progress of the website will increase to manifold. However we cannot do anything for it till the time this hot and humid weather passes. After that we can expect something serious from him.