Popularity of Name Meanings

Many people like to know the meaning of their names and it is but natural that a person loves himself the most. So knowing the name meaning of one's name is a natural habit, This mostly done in one's local language and if your name is Anita then you can watch Anita name meaning in Urdu to learn about it. You may also be interested to know the origin of your name that from where and in which language it originally originated. Similarly people also want to know their lucky number and that is calculated from the numbers each letter of the name has. The name Samina means worthy, expensive etc, it is from Arabic origin and the name number calculated from the specially designed name number calculator the number comes to 3. Now there are different qualities of each number that can be read from different online resources. You can find more about baby girl names at PakOwn names channel and find the meaning, origin and name number of your desired name.Similarly if your name is Mehwish then you can also find the basic information about Mehwish name meaning in Urdu at Alams.pk names channel. The name Mehwish actually means 'face like a moon', this name is mostly used for girls that means it is a female name. It is of Persian origin and the name number is 4. Several think that this name is of romantic type name, if you want to know the Afzal name meaning in Urdu then you can visit online sources to know about it in Urdu language. It is a modern name and you will find several girls in colleges and universities with this name. Knowing the name meaning of your name is good thing and you should have the basic knowledge about your personnel name. The more you get interested in the subject your curiosity level will increase.