Learning Grammar The Wise Way

To speak and write good English you need to learn the rules of the language that is commonly known as Grammar.  It is a field of study that tells you how to correctly form sentences and the structure of the text. There are number of fields of Grammar and the important are adjectives, nous, verbs, tenses etc. Adjectives are one of the most important part of speech in grammar and you have to learn their usage and structure.

Often in your writings you need to write adjectives that start with different alphabets. One of my student asked me to suggest some adjectives that start with A and I have to give him my list of adjectives. Making your own adjective list is important for the teachers. This is because they will often need the lists when their students ask them.

There are number of internet resources of grammar from where you can download the list adjectives, nouns, verbs etc and give them to your students. You can even have them in printed form and then let your students get them photocopied.

When you are ready with your list you will feel confident in front of the students. English language teachers must equip themselves with all such lessons and lists which can then benefit their students. More on grammar and its usage is coming up in this series so stay tuned.

Use Online Resources For Learning Grammar