Is Imran Khan's Justified to Protest?

Imran Khan started his plan C according to which the first protest call was given in Faisalabad yesterday. As it is the right of every political party to protest peacefully so Imran Khan exercised his right of protest to get his point of view recorded.

According to the constitution of Pakistan every citizen, political party or group can protest if their fundamental rights are disturbed or not given. However the protest should be peaceful and the mob should not take the law in their own hands. Legally and lawfully Imran Khan and his political party is fully justified to hold rallies and protests.

The protest started in the morning and everything went fine but then one of the armed person opened fire on the peaceful protesters leaving one dead and several seriously injured. This had added fuel to the protest and then it took place in all the major cities of Pakistan.

People say that Imran Khan is not a cunning person and he can easily be deceived by his political opponents. Since all the old politicians are corrupt and always use deceptive means so it will not be wrong to say that Ik can never match their ill-standard. However one thing is for sure that whatever his opponents say, they can never ever doubt his integrity.

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